The Business Ombudsman - an authorized person to protect the rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs and business entities

The Business Ombudsman considers complaints of business entities against the actions, decisions, or inaction of state bodies, local self-government bodies, state-owned enterprises and conducts his own independent, expert, and fair investigation of entrepreneurs’ complaints. Through independent reports and recommendations, the Business Ombudsman strengthens the efforts of business, government, and state in shaping Kyrgyzstan as a unique place for doing business and investments.

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Our mission

We strive to passionately, independently and impartially protect businesses, combat corruption and improve the business climate in the Kyrgyz Republic

Our goals

Promote transparency of state and municipal authorities

Protect the rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests of business entities

Combat corruption

Business Ombudsman - an authorized person to protect the rights, freedoms, and legitimate interests of business entities. The Business Ombudsman protects the rights of private businesses and entrepreneurs, defending them with legitimate claims against the state or sub-state entities and local self-government bodies that infringe on their rights. Business Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic was established by Resolution No. 647 of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic from December 31, 2018

Our principles


    Rule of law









    Political neutrality



Robin Ord-Smith

Business Ombudsman

Mr. Ord-Smith’s 30 years of diplomatic career includes diplomatic and trade missions in Algeria, Romania, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, and Iraq. He is a former Ambassador of Her Majesty to Tajikistan, Ambassador of Her Majesty to Kyrgyzstan, Private Secretary to His Royal Highness the Duke of York. Awarded MVO by HM Elizabeth II in 1998. Was appointed British High Commissioner to the Kingdom of Tonga. Headed the Commercial Section of the BE in Japan after spending a year seconded to BAE Systems, former Trade and Investment Director in Baghdad. He led missions and campaigns to promote the commercial interests of small and medium enterprises and large businesses in numerous international markets, has experience in attracting large scale investments. Since August 2019 - Business Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic - authorized person to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of business entities. He took up his duties in Bishkek in autumn 2019

Nurlan Musuraliev

Deputy Business Ombudsman

For the last 8 years, Mr.Musuraliev worked as a Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic. He was actively engaged in strengthening public-private dialogue, improving the business environment, promoting and protecting entrepreneurs' interests and developing trade and economic ties.  Previously, he managed a number of large entities of public, private, and joint-stock types in the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Deputy CEO: SAC Kyrgyzalko, KBSZ Kristall, JSC KK Stolichnyi. Mr. Musuraliev was a key member of the Business and Investments Development Council under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, Business and Entrepreneurship Development Council by the Chairman of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Anti-Corruption Council of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. He played an active role in legislation development, improving and shaping the business environment

Islan Dzhusupbaev


Islan has significant experience in developing legislation regulating business and investment activities. Throughout his career, Islan has been directly involved in the interaction of government agencies with business associations and private entrepreneurs. He is a former participant of various working groups improving the business environment and has an extensive background in resolving disputes between businesses and state bodies. Islan holds Master's of International Law from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and Master's of Economics from the University of Kobe, Japan

Aisanat Safarbek kyzy


Aisanat is a lawyer with significant experience in legal consultations and cooperation with various state bodies, including tax authorities, customs authorities, licensing authorities, Financial Police, the Prosecutor General's office, courts of all instances, etc. Since the beginning of 2019, Aysanat has been actively involved in the legislative process. Before joining the Business Ombudsman Institute, Aisanat worked at Grata International, where for 8 years she advised domestic and international corporations and financial institutions on banking, labor, tax, and customs legislation. Aisanat has significant experience in structuring and supporting commercial transactions. Aisanat graduated with honors from the American University in Central Asia

Sergey Ponomarev

Deputy Business Ombudsman

Previously, Mr. Pomomarev held the positions of the Chairman of the National Business Club of Kyrgyzstan, Chairman of the Association of Markets, Trade enterprises and Services, Chairman of the Association of Operators and Taxi drivers, Chairman of the United Trade Union Committee of entrepreneurs of Dordoi trade and market complex, Head of the Secretariat of the National Alliance of Business Associations (NABA). Sergey was one of the founders of many business associations, including NABA, Association of Markets, Trade and Service enterprises, the National Business Club. Since 2013 he has been a member of the working group of the Security Council of the Kyrgyz Republic on monitoring the implementation of the State Anti-Corruption Policy. Mr. Ponomarev has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business protection, and promotion of business interests in cooperation with the Government, including the development and promotion of regulatory acts, use of regulatory impact analysis to balance the state and business interests. Since November 2019 - Deputy Business Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic

Satkyn Beketaeva


Satkyn is an expert in the field of legislative policy, regulatory practice, commercial and corporate law. Satkyn has extensive experience in conducting legal expertise of documents, preparing legal and analytical documents, and analyzing the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic for its effectiveness and contradictions. Satkyn worked for Kalikova & Associates for about 10 years, providing legal advice and legal support to foreign and local investors. She also worked as an independent consultant in international projects aimed at solving problems that hinder the development of the business environment in Kyrgyzstan. Satkyn holds Master's degree in law from Uppsala University, Sweden and Master's degree in law from Saint Louis University, USA

Salia Borbieva

Chief Communications Officer

Salia has significant experience in building external and internal communications in international, business, and municipal organizations. Her experience includes work in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, and USA. Previously, Salia was involved in the implementation of projects with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic at the UN Migration Agency, headed public relations department and department of city billboards at Bishkek City Municipality, led marketing activities at Gazprom Neft Kyrgyzstan, was responsible for setting up administrative processes in biotechnological start-up DFine Inc., shaped communications of the mobile operator Bitel (™Beeline). Salia is a graduate of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Rules of Procedure

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If the legal rights of your business or entrepreneurship were infringed by the actions (or inaction) of the state bodies, local self-government as well as officials - you have the right to file a complaint to the Business Ombudsman

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